4 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Important – Episode 11

Mark Steel Confidence, Podcast

I haven’t always known that gratitude matters in my life.  For many years, I thought being successful was more about how hard and how smart you worked.  I felt that …

Why storytelling matters with Sarah Elkins – Episode 10

Mark Steel Podcast

We hear a lot about storytelling nowadays.  Books, podcasts, and social profiles galore all call attention to the growing fixation on storytelling.  However, you may find yourself asking, “Why is storytelling so …

Focus on what moves you forward using minimalism with Jake Melton – Episode 9

Mark Steel Podcast

Is your life too cluttered to focus on the things that matter?  Would more clarity help you move forward?  My guest today, Jake Melton, teaches us all how minimalism can …

Live authentically and sell from the heart with Larry Levine – Episode 8

Mark Steel Podcast

Every one of us is a “seller” at some point. Regardless of whether we’re in sales. We all need to convince others to hear and engage in our ideas. Larry …

Overcoming setbacks by taking control of your career with Cory Warfield – Episode 7

Mark Steel Podcast

Cory began working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, where he was quickly worked his way up to serving. Later, Cory became the head server and trainer at a …

business man holding a ladder while adjusting his tie to overcome the impostor experience

Admit it, you’re a fraud! and other stuff you tell yourself to ruin your life–Part III

Mark Steel Confidence

Do you feel like an impostor in your career sometimes? Or maybe it is your personal life that is out of balance. In Part I of my blog series about …

Business woman feeling like an impostor, sad

Admit it, you’re a fraud! and other stuff you tell yourself to ruin your life–Part I

Mark Steel Confidence

You’re an impostor! A hack. You don’t belong here. Everyone you work with is smarter than you. They have more experience. Hell, even the kid they just hired straight out …

Close up of man with confidence doing a fist pump

Public Speaking Tips: Confidence Really Is King (and Queen)

Mark Steel Confidence

Confidence is one of the most important traits we must master. I posted an article outlining my four core principles to become a more effective public speaker. They are Confidence, …

man with beard studying public speaking

Public Speaking Tips: Become A Student

Mark Steel Confidence

How do you get over your fear of public speaking? By studying those that do it well. In an earlier post, I spoke of my four core principles for getting …

Man looking scared of public speaking

Public Speaking Tips: What Are We Afraid Of?

Mark Steel Confidence

Are you afraid of public speaking? Let’s find out… Picture this. Take a moment to really picture this scenario in your mind. The situation: Your manager has asked you to …