4 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Important – Episode 11

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Mark Steel - CED Ep 11

I haven’t always known that gratitude matters in my life.  For many years, I thought being successful was more about how hard and how smart you worked.  I felt that if I kept my head down and outworked everyone else, everything would fall into place.  Only after I had accomplished my goals, THEN I would live with gratitude.

Listen to the entire episode below today to learn more about the 4 compelling reasons why gratitude matters to your health.

Why Gratitude Matters

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Climb Every Day podcast.  The podcast dedicated to helping you Amplify Your Impact in your Career, Communications, and your Life.

Do you keep a Gratitude Journal?  If not, are you at least taking conscious time each time to reflect on those things in your life for which you are grateful?  By doing so, you can create a happier, healthier life for yourself.

In this episode, Mark discusses why gratitude matters if you want to live a happier, healthier life.  Based on a study done at UC Davis in California, Mark discusses four key benefits of gratitude.

  • Improved Sleep
  • Being More Connected to Others
  • Higher Energy
  • More Joy and Happiness
Improved Sleep

The study showed that participants that regularly practiced gratitude reported they were sleeping longer than they had previously.  Reflecting with gratitude is important before bed because it clears our minds of social media, angry drivers, and frustrating coworkers.  Meaning, you’ll lay down to sleep in a more peaceful, serene state of mind.

Being More Connected To Others

Gratitude ensures we are focusing on the positive traits and interactions with others.  This enables us to feel more connected to those individuals.  Because of this, we become more tolerant and understanding of situations, encouraging our use of empathy.

Higher Energy Levels

Hand-in-hand with getting more sleep, participants reported they felt more energized throughout the day.  Are you dragging yourself out of bed thinking about your commute, your mean boss, or all the errands you have?  Instead, someone focused on gratitude tends to look forward to new opportunities that day to learn and grow.

More Joy and Happiness

Gratitude is important in setting our mood.  By focusing on gratitude, you aren’t pretending nothing is wrong in the world.  You are sticking your head in the sand and hoping negative experiences just disappear.  Instead, living with gratitude improves your outlook on most things you experience.  You learn to spend more time reflecting the positive effects of those experiences while spending less time replaying negative events.

Listen to the entire episode below today to learn more about the 4 compelling reasons why gratitude matters to your health.


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