Why storytelling matters with Sarah Elkins – Episode 10

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Sarah Elkins - CED Ep 10

We hear a lot about storytelling nowadays.  Books, podcasts, and social profiles galore all call attention to the growing fixation on storytelling.  However, you may find yourself asking, “Why is storytelling so important?”

Storytelling matters because it makes us listen

We all have stories that can add value to the lives of others.  Our stories help others not just get to know us, but also connect with us and build trust.  That’s why learning to be able to recognize and retell the events in your life in a compelling way is an important skill that everyone needs.  Sarah Elkins specializes in helping others be better communicators through the use of story.

Compelled to create space for people eager for personal and professional growth, Sarah launched the No Longer Virtual (NLV) events; limited participation, two-day conferences with the theme “connecting beyond the keyboard.” NLV was included twice in the list of “hidden gems” of “can’t miss conferences for entrepreneurs” in Forbes online.

Sarah is a speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, musician, and storyteller. She works with leadership and sales teams to improve communication by creating environments that encourage authentic connection and curiosity, using storytelling techniques to help people find personal stories to share and ways to share them.

Her podcast, Your Stories Don’t Define You. How You Tell Them Will, can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and more. She’s an active blogger on LinkedIn and on her website.

Sarah lives in Montana, and enjoys hiking, fishing, and traveling. She loves to cook and host guests in her 1890 Victorian home, nourishing and nurturing all who visit.

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