Overcoming setbacks by taking control of your career with Cory Warfield – Episode 7

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Cory Warfield - CED Ep 7

Cory began working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, where he was quickly worked his way up to serving. Later, Cory became the head server and trainer at a renowned restaurant.  Soon he discovered his passion for wine and took his first steps toward becoming a sommelier.

Cory spent years working in high-end steakhouses as both a server and a manager. He eventually ended up as a captain at a prestigious prime steakhouse back in his hometown of Chicago.  Soon, the restaurant was bought by a large company.  The new ownership raised prices, reduced quality, and looked for ways to cut costs. One cut was the scheduling software that the staff had been depending on since opening day.

Although Cory had tried a few side ventures over the years, his entrepreneurial spirit finally kicked into high gear.   He got to work immediately.  He put together a team, wireframes, and learned how to structure a company.  Along with his co-founder John, the current CTO of the team, they developed the first version of ShedWool.com.

Still Developing

Currently in their growth stage, Cory is developing as a CEO and thought-leader in the workforce management space. An avid mentor and growth hacker, Cory now works as an advisor and mentor to a number of startups.  Additionally, the explore new features and opportunities for ShedWool.  Cory emphatically believes will revolutionize the world, especially the world of shift work.

What differentiates ShedWool from his many dozens of well-funded and established competitors?  Cory believes it’s the intuitive method that ShedWool saves it users time.  Pulling from shortcomings he had experienced as a manager, he gets excited about the roadmap for ShedWool.  ShedWool will leverage the platform to provide workers with additional opportunities to automate and forecast much of the scheduling process.

For more insights, follow both Cory and ShedWool on social media and their blog.

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