man with beard studying public speaking

Public Speaking Tips: Become A Student

Mark Steel Confidence

How do you get over your fear of public speaking? By studying those that do it well. In an earlier post, I spoke of my four core principles for getting …

Man looking scared of public speaking

Public Speaking Tips: What Are We Afraid Of?

Mark Steel Confidence

Are you afraid of public speaking? Let’s find out… Picture this. Take a moment to really picture this scenario in your mind. The situation: Your manager has asked you to …

Showing your public speaking style_thumbs up

Public Speaking Tips: Show Your Style

Mark Steel Confidence

Showing your unique style is a key way to build confidence. Let’s examine the role that style and personality have in your public speaking. A journey to find my style …

Mountain range rising above the mist signifying career change

Career Transformation: My Next Career Climb

Mark Steel Confidence

The next step I am excited to be starting the next chapter in my career! Last week, I accomplished a personal milestone that I’ve dreamed of for many years. I …

Symbols of luck-leprechaun hats and shamrocks

Five Steps To Take Control of Luck And Transform Your Life

Mark Steel Confidence

What role does luck play in your life? My family and I just returned from a vacation in Ireland. It is a beautiful country. We enjoyed exploring castles, cliffs, and …