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Career Transformation: My Next Career Climb

Mark Steel Confidence

The next step

I am excited to be starting the next chapter in my career!

Last week, I accomplished a personal milestone that I’ve dreamed of for many years. I officially launched my own company, called Present Your Success.

I am thrilled to be creating something that so directly aligns with my passions: Inspiring people to be more confident, public speaking, connecting with others, and learning every day.

Many people struggle to be confident public speakers. Most feel this only affects their presentations, but it likely shows up in many other places in their lives.

Beyond just presentations, becoming confident in group situations can literally transform your career and personal life. Other common work occurrences like job interviews, customer meetings, internal conferences, and reviews with your manager can all improve with confidence.

Outside of work, if we feel more comfortable in public situations, we become more active in our day to day lives. We look for more involvement in community events, volunteer opportunities, and social settings.

Perhaps we’ll even finally ask out that person we’ve had a secret crush on all this time! Anything is possible.

What’s Next?

Moving forward, I will share examples from my own life on how I struggled to believe in myself. I lived with what psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes called the “Impostor Syndrome.” For too long, I dismissed my accomplishments as nothing special or just luck. Over time, my happiness at work and at home suffered.

Fortunately, I discovered techniques I was able to use to turn my life around. Those new practices have enabled me to build the career and family life I was meant to have. Having dealt with these challenges, I have proven that every single one of us can live the life we seek.

I hope that by sharing my own story and stories from others that have overcome these same struggles, I can help everyone come to know they are capable of climbing in all areas of their lives.

Please keep an eye out for more posts and video content coming soon. I would love nothing more than to share this journey with fellow climbers.

I’d be very grateful if you can “Like” this post and share it to help get the word out that Present Your Success is here. I’d also welcome any comments or tips you’ve used to become more confident yourself.

More to come.

Climb On!