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Ed Andrew - Episode 14  (Full audio below)

Most companies have a mission statement and a core set of values they strive to embody.  But are they truly instilling those values in their employees?  More importantly, as an employee, are your own set of values in alignment with the career you have chosen?

Humanity is Important

Hello Climbers!  Welcome to the Climb Every Day podcast which helps you amplify your impact in your career, your communications, and your life.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Ed Andrew.  Ed specializes in helping businesses understand and align better with their employees.  In other words, his focus is to bring humanity back to business.

In order to be a viable business today, if we only see the people as a brain, then what are we doing?  We’re not actually growing anything.  We’re just using that asset as if as a function in our business as we would use a robot or computer system or something else.  The difference being, of course, as human beings we have far more to offer.   We have far more potential and we want to offer that potential.

Since the industrial revolution, we have been used in the workforce for our ability to think.  Not even for the ability to think, but to follow instructions and follow orders.  That’s where our value has been placed.  If your brain is really good, you can earn more money than the next person.  Simple as that.

The Reality Today

But the reality is, we don’t exist just as a brain.  We have a body, we have values, we have much more to contribute.  By understanding that humanity is important in business and our careers, we can use the whole person and ability to benefit our company.

Walk into any company today, you will see a mission statement that likely mentions integrity and compassion and honesty.  Seriously?   Do they behave like that?  Most of them don’t at all.   If went into a store and asked the employees, “What are your company values,” they could probably tell you.  But then you ask them what THEIR values are, you’ll hear something completely different.

HR or Corporate Communications or Marketing all talk about the business in a completely different way.  If people don’t toe the line, managers think, “We’ve got to get rid of them.”  They’re human beings.  We interpret things differently.

Ed’s Bio

Ed is a former lawyer and for nearly 20 years has been an entrepreneur having founded businesses in London, Sydney, Delhi and Bali in recruitment (agency and Saas), technology, fashion & e-commerce. He sold his first company EA International an international legal recruitment business in 2010.

Ed advises start-ups, SME’s and global corporations across industries including financial, operational and strategic management. He is also a tech and e-commerce investor, a podcaster, and currently founder of the Human Consultancy an advisory and e-learning business whose mission is to put humanity back into work and life.

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