Understanding Imposter Syndrome-Part II – Episode 3

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Mark Steel - CED Ep 3

Today’s podcast is Part II of a two-part series focused on helping you understand Impostor Syndrome. If you missed ‘Understanding Imposter Syndrome-Part I – Episode 2, I encourage you to listen to that episode first.  In this episode, I’ll discuss key traits of Impostor Syndrome, so you’ll know specifically what to look for to better understand if Imposterism is something you have in your life.

Since starting to share my story of feeling like an Imposter in my career, I have met so many other people that told me, “Mark, I thought I was the only one.  I never knew other people felt this way.”  I share that because we often feel like we’re alone in feeling like an Imposter.  We are far from alone.

How do you know if you have it?  If this is something you may be challenged with

  • This could be you if:
    • sensations of not belonging;
    • feeling that one’s competence and success are fundamentally fraudulent and inauthentic;
    • the conviction of having somehow ‘tricked’ students, colleagues, coworkers;
    • and the fear that it is only a matter of time before this is discovered
Understanding the 6 Traits of Impostor Syndrome (or Imposter Phenomenon)
  1. The impostor cycle[2]
  2. The need to be special or the best
  3. Characteristics of Superman/Superwoman
  4. Fear of failure
  5. Denial of ability and discounting praise
  6. Feeling fear and guilt about success
Actionable steps to move past Imposter Syndrome
  • Step 1 – Recognize it within yourself, Acknowledge
  • Step 2 – Tell yourself, you can take control
  • Step 3 – Share it with a friend or loved one
  • Step 4 – Understand your unique strengths
  • Step 5 – Find Ways to be Brave
    • If you’re feeling that you’re constantly out of your comfort zone.
    • In other words, impostor syndrome is not only natural, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right.

There are 5 steps that you can start to take in your life

Remember, this is a journey, not a race.  Start small.  When you feel yourself allowing those Imposter thoughts creeping in, acknowledge them.  Then tell yourself you can take control.

I hope you found this episode helpful and informative.  Know that you can take ownership of your thoughts.  By taking small steps that lead to small wins, then bigger and bigger wins, you can transform your confidence.  Soon, you’ll have moved from being an Imposter to now being an Impacter.

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