Learn to Trust Your Gut in Business with Tricia Stewart Shiu – Episode 37

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Are you looking to be more decisive? To you want to become more agile and proactive in today’s fast-changing environment? Are you looking to quiet your inner negative voices as you trust yourself more? In today’s episode, my guest will help you feel more confident as you learn to trust your gut in business.

Mark Steel, Sales and Leadership Keynote Speaker, Interviews Tricia Stewart Shiu - Learn to Trust Your Gut in Business, Episode 37

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Coming to trust your gut in business

Welcome to the Invincible Success podcast which helps you amplify your sales, leadership, and life!

All of us have had a feeling deep in our gut telling us to act or to not go in a certain direction. Yet, most of us will dismiss that feeling as just a passing occurrence. However, by learning to seek out those feelings, we can become much more mindful and purposeful in our choices. When we do that, we can learn to avoid hesitation and doubt that comes from uncertainty and instead move confidently in the direction of growth.

Tricia Stewart Shiu first discovered her intuitive capabilities many years ago. Since then, she has studied the subject of intuition extensively and is now recognized as an intuitive expert.

Key Insights:
  • Had a “wake-up call” in HI while taking a nap
  • Was visited by a spirit named Moa
  • Tricia asked the spirit to “prove it.”  Then she saw a picture in her mind of a missing woman
  • Tricia became fascinated by the experience and how intuition works
  • How to tap into your powers of intuition – Step 1 is to Unplug
  • After finding time to unplug, focus on listening
  • Listen for different sounds and sensations that you’re not used to feeling or hearing
  • Finally, be skeptical.  Ask why this should be happening?
  • She introduces skepticism right away when talking to others – she allows for it in her process
  • We’ve all felt Intuition, whether we feel that way or not
  • Intuition can help us all a great deal in our careers as well
  • Intuition can also help us with fear in the workplace
  • Calming yourself, slowing down, and ask yourself quiet questions about this fear
  • Then, listen for the answer and allow yourself to hear it
  • This same principle applies to others’ fear as well
Daily Success Habits:
  • Uses “Gatekeeper’s Guide Rituals”
  • She day starts with coffee, thinking “I’m going to have a smooth day with a positive outcome.”
Dennis’ Bio:

Tricia Stewart Shiu is the Founder & CEO of Human Being Company. Her recordings, visualizations and transformative rituals-have received 1.5 million streams/downloads. She is a 35 time award-winning Author, Speaker & Intuitive Expert.

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