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Mareo McCracken - CED Ep 12 (Full episode below)

Looking to transform your sales and leadership career?  You have everything you need already available to you.  It is just a matter of building a plan to add more reading to your life.

Sales and Leadership Gurus Abound

How much do you read?  When you do read, is it fiction or non-fiction?  There is nothing like diving into a favorite juicy or captivating book to transport you to another world for a few hours.  However, if you are looking to transform your sales and leadership career, books are just the thing you need to help.

On today’s podcast, Mareo McCracken shares how many years ago, he took a sales job without any experience.  Feeling the effects of imposter syndrome, he was sure everyone knew more than him.  To counteract that fear, Mareo checked out a sales-related book from his local library.  Reading that one book actually made him feel even more unprepared to succeed in sales.  To help, he kept reading.  Reading and learning.  More and more books.  Within 18 months, Mareo had read over 150 sales and leadership books.  Needless to say, with all that learning, his sales career was on the rise.

Over time, Mareo started outselling most of his peers.  He was elevated into leadership positions, where here again used reading to his advantage.  He also determined very quickly that his goal as a leader was not to try to know more than his team members, but to instead focusing on knowing how he could best serve them individually.

Reading Became Writing

As Mareo expanded the success in his career, he knew determined writing would become a helpful outlet for all of the reading he was doing.  At first, he started blogging.  Blogging went on to become Mareo being published in many of today’s leading online magazines.  Having grown comfortable in the online space, Mareo is currently writing his own book as another platform to share and help others.

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Mareo McCracken is the revenue leader at Movemedical, where he leads the sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Outside of family, reading, travel, and sports–driving organizational and individual growth are his passions. He loves finding meaning at the intersection of revenue, organizational health, and individual performance.  By focusing on those three things and how they connect, Mareo adds the most unique value to the people with whom he interacts.

In Mareo’s words: “Sharing knowledge is the second half of learning. It makes the learning real. Come with me on this journey of personal and organizational growth.”

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