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Michael David Chapman - Episode 29(Full audio below)

We all face challenges in our lives. We may face financial issues, career setbacks, relationship hurdles, and struggles to navigate our way forward.  The secret to our own happiness may very well hinge on our ability to transform challenges into connections.

The agreements you make determine your path

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Michael David Chapman has faced all of these challenges and more.  He attributes these challenges to what he now sees as negative agreements that he made growing up.  Agreements to settle for choices that did not align with his core values.  Agreements to not be in control.

Today, Michael helps others learn from their own agreements to empower them to take back control.  He also leverages the power of connection across social media platform to create new business opportunities for himself and others.

Key Insights:
  • Michael made many agreements growing up, many of them negative
  • Those agreements resulted in broken marriages, unhappy jobs, and feeling stuck
  • One new agreement he helps others realize – Learn how to be friends first before marriage
  • Want to connect with others?  Start with compassion & vulnerability
  • When using social media to grow your business, ask yourself, “What is my goal online?”
  • To move forward, first have a plan – Decide what success looks like?
  • Do you want to be successful on social media, focus on building others up
  • Focus building other’s content online, especially those that are doing what you want to do
Daily Success Habits:
  • Gratitude Journal at the end of the night
  • Try this exercise – Ask yourself, “What is something ugly I want to let go of – This is mental junk.  It’s not needed.”  Throw it away.
  • Then mentally replace that junk with one positive thing from each day that came into your life
Michael’s Bio:

Michael David Chapman is a father of four, breakthrough and transformation coach focusing on men’s issues, and leads a team of lead generators and content strategists committed to helping businesses grow in LinkedIn.

In Michael’s words:

► I have taken the bold step of restructuring my career, life, and goals around my values and faith. After recognizing my path was leading me away from God and my highest potential, I knew I had to make a change or risk losing a full life lived. I know I am not alone in this crisis, which is why I am committed to showing up for others who face similar challenges.

► Faithfully Unsuccessful – While often wildly successful in worldly pursuits of money, assets, and influence, these men have a reached a point in their careers where the success feels less like meaningful pursuits and more like albatrosses. Deeply faithful they see now that their life does not reflect their true hearts.

► Leaders Without A Navigator – These business leaders are looking to follow in the footsteps of their idols, large enterprises that keep faith first but still wildly successful. Uncertain about how to bring faith into the way they run their business they are looking for someone who understands both worlds and can help guide them.

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