Thriving through connection with George Khalife – Episode 38

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Would you consider yourself a master at networking? Are you effectively using your network to meet those people that are helping you be more successful? In other words, are you thriving through connection?

Mark Steel, Sales and Leadership Keynote Speaker, Interviews George Khalife - Thriving through connection, Episode 38

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Connection beyond networking

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Years ago, I was not putting any effort into networking. I thought, “I meet enough people in my career, why should I spend more time networking?” It wasn’t until I left the corporate world and started my own business that I came to realize how much more effective and fulfilled I am via connection to others.

George Kahife understands the value of connection. Not just as a way to ensure even greater success in his career (which networking does just that), but to also give George the chance to have incredible, thought-provoking, enriching conversations with very cool people.

Key Insights:
  • Born in Lebanon, moved to Canada in school
  • Worked at the Toronto Stock Exchange for several years
  • Then moved to a firm focused on mergers and acquisition
  • Has done some work in
  • Today, he helps companies access capital
  • That led him to start his own podcast – Let’s Grab Coffee
  • When looking to raise money, consider
  • Canada is starting to make available public offerings for US companies
  • If you are considering a capital investment, educate yourself on all of the options
  • Also, find key influencers that know the startup financing space
  • Any side hustle, when doing something in your space, develop a thick skin
  • George had a chance to interview Michael Hyatt of Blue Fin
  • He has also interviewed successful leaders like Director X and David Siegel from David’s Tea
  • When trying to connect to others, use different channels
  • Also, being on someone’s radar on a channel where there isn’t as much noise
  • Show value, be consistent and be sincere
  • George uses the practice of brutal prioritization
  • Do routine personal audits 
  • Regularly take stock to determine how you are spending your time
Daily Success Habits:
  • Some form of exercise every day
  • Always striving to eat as best as he can
  • Being genuine in random moments
  • Be aware when you need to pull back and relax
  • Early in your week, take the time to prime yourself for the week
George’s Bio:

George Khalife is a sales & marketing professional with a background in finance and the DNA of an entrepreneur. At just 26 years old, George became the Vice President at the Toronto Stock Exchange – based out of Chicago, to establish TSX & TSX Venture Exchange in the Midwest and helping companies access Canadian public capital. 

Prior to joining the TSX, George led the marketing & business development for a growing financial technology startup, and before that led the business development for Canada’s #1 mid-market Technology M&A firm called Sampford Advisors.

On the side, George has co-founded an app called BookBack for students to buy and sell books more easily (which cracked the top 100 list for book-related apps), as well as hosts a podcast called Let’s Grab Coffee where he interviews successful leaders across different industries (available on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, etc.).

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