How your life will change when you take control of your story with Michael Henson – Episode 22

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Michael Henson - Episode 22 (Full audio below)

Do you “own your label?” Do you want to take control of your story by being intentional in your career choices?  Are you willing to deviate from the path set out for you by others? If you do, you will allow your life to change.

Using his creative mind to build a successful career

Hello Climbers!  Welcome to the Invincible Success podcast which helps you amplify your influence, impact, and intent.

Michael Henson was always a creative kid.  Back then, he filled spiral notebooks with his drawings and stories of superheroes.  However, as he moved through school, he started a pattern of settling for “traditional” clichés.  “You need a real job.  You need a meaningful career.”  Over time, this continued to move him unhappily from job to job, settling for less than he wanted to be.  In response to his unhappiness, he kept going back to school, eventually leading to his MBA and Masters in Education.

After far too long, his wife finally convinced him to leave the corporate career behind and build his own career in storytelling.  Most specifically, he decided to follow his passion for telling stories as he focused on helping others tell their stories more effectively.  Following after role models like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, and others, Michael embraced his creativity and started his own business.

Key Insights:
  • He uses experiences and lessons from his day to day to share in his videos
  • He looks to other people’s posts to see what questions others are asking
  • Advocates that people “Own your label” – Meaning, you decide how others will refer to you
  • We should become the person we want to be first in our mind, then the results come later
  • Decide who you want to be in your head and start taking actions believing you have attained that outcome already
  • Mindset Trap – “Once I am as successful as XYZ, then I’ll have more time to do the things to keep me there.”
Daily Success Habits:
  • Focused on clean eat.  Eating the right foods to fuel his mind
  • Makes sure he’s moving every day.  Whether it is at the gym or long walks.
  • Uses Michael Hyatt’s “Full Focus” Planner to accomplish at least 3 key tasks each day
Michael’s Bio:

90% of startups fail…Michael’s mission is to lower that number!

Michael Henson is a serial creative helping startups clarify and take advantage of the power of their story from the outset. He does this by uncovering their Brand’s DNA – and, as a result, helps them with everything from venture funding, employee attention and morale, branding, and marketing strategy.

You can find him on LinkedIn and Instagram as @michaelehenson, and anywhere you catch up on podcasts on his Brand DNA Podcast!

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