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Pat Helmers - Episode 26 (Full audio below)

Are you in sales?  The answer will surprise you.  If you have ever lead a team, tried to communicate, or shared an idea, then you’re in sales. Pat Helmers can help.  He specializes in teaching “Selling secrets for non-sellers.”

Products should be rooted in customer need

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Pat Helmers started his career in engineering.  At the time, he felt he was helping design great products, yet they weren’t selling.  After switching to a customer facing role, he realized his customer’s needs were not being reflected in the products themselves.

Many years later, Pat focuses on helping sellers and non-sellers alike to be more successful with his selling for non-sellers secrets.

Key Insights:
  • Pat’s background is in technology, as a product engineer
  • After moving to “the front of the house,” he discovered no one was listening to the customers
  • He learned to stop being a “pushy” salesperson after a customer called saying “I want to buy your product, but I refuse to buy it from that pushy Pat Helmers”
  • From that moment on, Pat knew he wanted to serve his customers more as a way to be more successful
  • Pat started The Sales Babble Podcast in an effort to help others learn from mistakes he went through in his career
  • Pat believes in the power of storytelling in sales – Stories grab your customer
  • Focus on the buying criteria of your customer
  • Every human has the intrinsic instinct to want to help others, but too often we lose that in sales scenarios when we focus on our own goals
  • Every time a customer told him they didn’t want a product Pat was selling, he would go out of his way to write down their reasons why
  • Whether you win the sale or not is less important than whether you get value out of the meeting
  • Avoid this social media mistake – Don’t put marketing before selling
  • When creating a marketing message, make sure it is based on the mind of the customer, their pain points
Daily Success Habits:
  • Pat purposely puts himself into positive conversations with ambitious people
  • 2019 is the year of mindfulness for Pat, trying to be more intentional
    Pat tries to read most every day
Pat’s Bio:

Pat Helmers is an international business consultant and technology startup coach. He is the author of the Selling With Confidence sales system and host of the award-winning Sales Babble sales podcast. Pat has been in the tech world his entire professional career.

Pat created the Sales Babble brand with the Sales Babble Podcast. Sales Babble was created to stop the babble on the myth that you must be pushy to be successful in sales. He believes anyone can become skilled in sales if they adopt an attitude of “helping” clients and adding “value” to their lives and businesses.

From the sales podcast sprung his consulting and coaching practice as well as authoring the Selling With Confidence sales system.

Pat enjoys golf, bicycling, history, and world travel. He is an avid father, husband, and loyal friend.

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