What search results reveal about your brand with Benjamin Warsinske – Ep 30

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What do search results reveal about your brand?  Chances are, if you are trying to do business with someone in any capacity, they will use search to learn more about you.  That means that potential customers, coworkers, or managers are forming opinions about you before you even meet face-to-face.  It’s up to you to positively shape that opinion.

Benjamin Warsinske - Episode 30(Full audio below)

The agreements you make determine your path

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Today, we have search at our fingertips.  Reviews, results, and recommendations are always just a few swipes away.  As the online world becomes more interconnected, it is essential that you be even more aware of what search results are saying about you and your organization.

Benjamin Warsinske helps businesses manage their online world to ensure your brand is working on your behalf.  Regardless of whether you own a business or not, Ben shares insights that can help us all.  He also discusses how playing with Legos can be serious business, success habits, and much more.

Key Insights:
  • Worked at places all over the world, including Seattle, Hawaii, Guam, and now Chicago
  • Started out in lanscape design, but later moved from into brand marketing
  • After being frustrated working for marketing firms, he started his own business 3 years ago
  • Came up with idea for his company while working with the Air Force
  • Now helps clients develop their brand by gaining clarity and confidence
  • Ben helps brands better define their unique brand “world,” and how they fit with others
  • Ben says, to start, brands need to identify exactly what they want
  • Find ways of building your brand through social expertise
  • Social proof can include online posts, blog articles, and podcast appearances
  • Search ranking is one of the most important things we can manage online
  • Search has become very interconnected, with signals about your brand coming from hundreds, if not thousands, of sources
  • Search results reveal much about your brand and what you may be like to work with
  • Manage your ratings – Raising your online rating one “star” on average bring in 10% additional revenue per year
  • Ben is now certified with Lego Serious Play
  • Works with executives to use Legos to represent corporate values and goals
Daily Success Habits:
  • Swimming at least three days a week
  • This exercise has become a must because of how it helps his mental focus
Ben’s Bio:

Benjamin’s international design background has led to projects around the world on a variety o strategic planning and brand development related projects – from conceptualizing resort residential communities to strategic studies for the United States Air Force Headquarters.

He is the founder of BrandedWorld, a strategic communications agency. The firm’s mission is to help clients become unshakable – that is, to find clarity and confidence in their brand and who they best serve, then developing a memorable customer experience that attracts and draws customers in.

He is the author of GroundWork: The Foundation for an Unshakable Brand, available on Amazon.

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