The power of video with Judi Fox – Episode 21

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Judi Fox - Episode 21 (Full audio below)

Are you using the power of video to add influence and impact?  My guest this week discovered the power of video as she worked through a big change in her life 5 years ago.  Now Judi Fox uses video to connect with her network in ways that text alone just can’t compare.

Commonalities among CEO’s

Hello Climbers!  Welcome to the Climb Every Day podcast which helps you amplify your influence, impact, and intent.

Judi Fox is a video expert, consultant, coach, and speaker.  In 2018, she jumped back into social media with both feet, transforming her career and reshaping her life as a result.  In this episode, Judi shares how she now helps others use the power of video to grow their own brand.

Key Insights:
  • A former member of Toastmasters, National Speakers Association
  • First started creating video content many years ago
  • At 38 years old, Judi became determined to rebuild her life
  • She turned to video as a way to document her transformation
  • Video has the power to connect with an audience in ways no other platform has
  • When you create a video, ask yourself – “What value do you want the listener to get from my content?”
  • Working on your mindset, no matter what you’re training to improve, may mean the difference between success and failure
  • Practices habit-stacking, using inspirational quotes placed around her house
  • In this episode, Judi previews her exciting plans for 2019!
Judi’s Bio

Judi Fox #FoxRocks is approachable, authentic, smart, and hilarious.  She reached over 3 Million views in 2018 on LinkedIn and now shares her knowledge and expertise by offering Rock Star LinkedIn Video & Content Strategy consulting for individuals and teams.

In 2008, Judi started a blog and launched a consulting business. Then a family life crisis hit her hard and she left social media for 4 years! During that time, Judi soaked up content and paid close attention to what drives attention, engagement, and inbound leads. Judi returned to social media in March 2018 and discovered her winning formula…. Experience meets Intuition when it comes to Creative Direction and Content and Sales…. AND that work can be FUN!

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