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Catherine Johns - Episode 24 (Full audio below)

Do you feel you have power and presence that others feel even when you’re not there?  Catherine Johns helps you find your presence and build confidence.

Creating her own path

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Back in college, Catherine Johns was told, “There is no place for women in broadcasting.”  Instead of walk away, she became a radio pioneer.  First reading the news, then working her way up to host alongside Chicago radio legends.

Through it all, she faced one challenge after another.  Over time, she learned to “chunk” her way into the right next career move.  This perseverance led her to open many doors that were previously closed in her face.

Today, Catherine helps others discover their own power.  She also helps you use your innate presence to feel more confident and to go after goals.

Key Insights:
  • Catherine Johns spent 25 years in Chicago radio.
  • 18 years of her radio career was at WLS in Chicago.
  • She was told that she should get out of broadcasting because “There is no place for women in broadcasting.”
  • In the face of this challenge, she pushed herself even harder to succeed.
  • After getting hired to read the news, her unique character led her to work directly with Chicago-legend Larry Lujack.
  • Over time, she was one of the first women to host her own show in Chicago radio
  • After leaving radio, she decided to pursue a career as a professional speaker
  • As she explores new career opportunities, she uses a “chunking” method to look for related paths
  • She believes that presence is a fundamental skill that people should actively develop
  • Presence is how others perceive you based on their interaction with you.  You will take control of that message by focusing on developing your presence
  • Ask yourself – “How do I want to be perceived?”
  • Try an exercise, ask 20-30 people to describe you… look for common themes and traits.
  • By projecting strength, you have a huge impact on others.  This is common in leaders, executives, speakers, and others.  Learn to emulate this yourself.
  • Try this – When trying to relax and feel more confident, focus on grounding your feet.  Keep your feet calm and steady.  This helps relax you.
  • It is common for people who are nervous to repeatedly touch their nose or their ears.  This is due to blood rushing to those parts of the body when we’re nervous
  • A favorite quote – “Play the scene you’re in, not the one you want to be in”
Daily Success Habits:
  • Focus on her feet each day to practice centering herself
  • Takes time to practice the mindfulness of being present, getting out of her head and back in the current moment
Catherine’s Bio:

Professionals turn to Catherine Johns when they need to speak with more power and presence so they can influence their listeners to take action.

A one-time wallflower, Catherine developed her own powerful presence and her way with words.  She did this as a radio news anchor, talk show host and savvy, sassy morning show side-chick.

Post-radio, Catherine joined a communication consulting firm as a presentation and leadership coach.  There, she guided executives and entrepreneurs to speak up, stand out, and make their message more magnetic.

Catherine’s keynotes and workshops have delighted audiences at Reynolds Consumer Products, Shape Corp, Bluedog Design.  Also, the National Conference of State Legislatures, Project Management Institute of Chicagoland, and Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

Her individual coaching clients are business owners, association executives, and corporate leaders on the way up.

Catherine is the author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma.

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