How a mentor can change your life – IST 03 Copy

Mark Steel Podcast

Do you believe that having a mentor can change your life?

This episode is dedicated to the passing of a mentor of mine, Ret. Army Colonel Jill Morgenthaler.

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We all need a mentor

Welcome to the Invincible Success Podcast which helps you amplify your Career, Communications, and your Life!

Mentors can help your career, your growing business, or your personal life.

Every one of us should have at least one mentor, if not more. Their experiences and insights can help you avoid or overcome obstacles, discover new growth areas, and push you to succeed even faster.

Key Insights:
  • Since leaving the corporate world and now building my own business, connecting with others and purposely seeking mentorship has shaved away months and months trying to figure things out on my own.

  • By NOT reaching out to others and asking questions, by NOT looking to others for help, I am preventing them from enjoying that very feeling of helping others that I enjoy so much.


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Mark Steel is an Inspiring Sales Keynote Speaker and a Communications Skills coach.  With over 20 years of professional speaking experience, Mark is dynamic, engaging, informative, and fun.  Sales, leadership, and team-building audiences rave about Mark’s ‘Invincible Success’ keynotes.  As a coach, Mark works with executives and professionals to ensure when they speak, the audience is listening.  Mark is a married father of two living outside Chicago, Il and he is an avid rock climber.  #ClimbOn