How to Master the Basics with Arash Toussi – Episode 34

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Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation at work or at home? Maybe you’ve had a personal crisis such as losing someone close to you or perhaps you didn’t get the job you worked so hard to land. In those moments, you will move forward faster if you Master the Basics.

Arash Toussi has dealt with challenges from a very young age when he lost his father. In this episode, Arash shares how he came to develop tools to help him take back control by focusing on simplicity.

Arash Toussi - Episode 34 - How to Master the Basics

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Learning to Master the Basics

Welcome to the Invincible Success podcast which helps you amplify your sales, leadership, and life!

As a leader, how do you handle moments of crisis? In today’s changing corporate environments, we must learn to be able to handle change and disruption. Not only can this help our own careers, but you can also transform the way members of your team handle uncertainty as well.

Arash Toussi lost his father at a very early age, shortly after moving to a new country. Instead of focusing on his pain, he taught himself actionable, repeatable methods to help him better deal with challenges in his life. Over time, he learned that by simplifying what we focus on into the essential basic elements, we can unlock limitless potential.

Key Insights:
  • Artist of multiple disciplines
  • Write, creates short films, podcast, and more
  • Also has lived a lifetime of observing people
  • Consider yourself an Onion with many layers
  • Arash has created memorable and actionable “3-word series”
  • For example, Health comes first, Master the basics, and Leaders are readers.
  • Arash is a big proponent of change
  • He also shares that Change is found within us
  • The power of change is infinite
  • One person can spread the word of advocating change
  • Has a keen interest in exposing the power dynamics of what happens in life
  • Passionate about educating people the truth about money
  • Due to the early death of his father, he faced an extreme challenge at a young age
  • To overcome this, he learned to find the good in any bad situation
  • In moments of crisis, remember to “master the basics”
  • For example, prioritize your health and family
  • Arash uses balance as his guiding light
  • Using balance, you can find your way back to the center
  • Focus on simplicity, keeping in mind that a Happy Life is a Simple Life
  • Most things in life should not be made to be too complicated
  • Consistency over intensity
  • More important to be consistent vs being intense for a limited period of time
  • Overwhelming yourself with too many things to do will lead to being less effective
  • Perfectionism is dangerous
  • Perfectionism hinders accomplishment
  • Ideate, Create, Iterate
  • The host of The Inner Voice Podcast
  • Don’t be afraid to leave a job or class or situation that isn’t feeding you
Daily Success Habits:
  • Morning is a precious time – Avoid grabbing your phone
  • Don’t let the external voices (phone, TV, internet) influence you before YOU influence you
  • Healthy eating is an important part of his life
  • Tries to do exercise most days
  • Prioritizes sleep
Arash’s Bio:

In one sentence, Arash Toussi empowers people to realize their infinite potential.

Arash does this through various forms of art, literature, video, audio, video, and life-coaching.

Arash has faced an inordinate amount of adversity, which he overcame and now shares my experiences with others so that they don’t have to go through the same things he did.

Stay tuned for ‘My Story’ – a short film about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Arash’s unconventional life.

Arash is also a speaker and host of the Inner Voice Podcast, available on your favorite podcast platform.

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