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Do you have a morning ritual? Something you try to do most every day? Something that gets your day started off heading in the right direction?  Your morning ritual can start your day right and set you up for success.

Starting the day right

Maybe you enjoy some exercising or stretching. Maybe you read a book or spend time in mindful meditation (with or without that cup of coffee).  Going for a quiet walk while you think about your key tasks for the day.

What you do is not as important as your ability to do a routine on a consistent basis.  Also, it must have meaning to you. There should be intentional choices why you are choosing the steps in your ritual that you do.  Your Invincible Morning Routine should be fulfilling, as opposed to draining. Too many times, events in our day can be draining, so it is important to position yourself well for the day.

Why have an Invincible Morning Ritual?

There are many benefits to a healthy morning ritual.  Benefits of an Invincible Morning Ritual include:

  • It starts your day in a positive, predictable way.
    • Sure, it doesn’t mean there will be no chaos mixed into your day, but starting your day in a way that you control puts you in the right frame of mind.  Think of it as stocking up on your level of control so that you are best equipped to handle whatever comes your way
  • It is all about you.
    • Yes, you have kids and spouses and careers and more kids.  But your morning ritual is all about you.  This is your time.
  • You have something to look forward to first thing every morning
    • Choose things that are positive and fulfilling.  This will help you WANT to get out of bed.
  • You start your day with a Win.
    • Your ritual should be 2-4 tasks that you want to do.  By doing them first thing, you are setting the tone to accomplish even more.
Consider these morning ritual suggestions:
  1. Start with gratitude
    • Being thankful first thing in the morning helps me frame up my outlook on the day.  Have a day filled with meetings?  You can be grateful for a career that challenges you.  Are you driving the kids all over the place? You can be grateful to have kids that are active and pushing themselves in new ways.
  2. Drink a glass of water
    • Studies show a glass of water first thing boosts your metabolism by 24%.
    • It also flushes out impurities and cleans your colon.  What climber out there within the sound of my voice doesn’t want a clean colon.  I know I do.
  3. Some exercise – 6-7 minutes is a great start
    • Too often, you think you need to do 10,20,45 mins of exercise to do anything.  But even 10 minutes can turn people off.  Decide on 7 minutes.
    • This gets your blood pumping, burns some calories, and makes you want to take on more.
  4. Drink a smoothie
    • One of the best changes I made in recent years was switching to smoothies 5-6 mornings a week.
    • Mine aren’t icky and forced down.  I do some fruits, banana, carrot, kale and spinach, lite yogurt and protein powder.  In fact, I make enough to last me for much of the day.
  5. Quiet reflection
    • Not everyone is ready to be a master at meditation.  That’s okay.  Still take some time, even 5 minutes, to sit quietly and center yourself
    • Quiet time not for you?  As an alternative, read one chapter in a book every morning.  You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you move through books.
  6. Make a list of key tasks
    • Having an organized list is a great way to set yourself up for success
InvincibleThinking Thursday Challenge

Write down a few repeatable activities you can implement that will be meaningful for you.  They should be easy to accomplish and energize you.  With them written down, push yourself to try it out tomorrow morning.  You’ll be climbing every day in no time!

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