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Anton Andryakov - Episode 13 (Full audio below)

Are you looking to create a high-performance life?  If so, today’s guest is a high-performance consultant and identity coach.  Anton Andryakov specializes in helping individuals to understand how to tap into their highest potential in order to live a life of impact.

HIgh-Performance Living

Anton Andryakov was born and raised in Ukraine as a son of a communist mayor of his city.  Because of his father’s career, Anton was groomed to lead from a very young age.  Meaning, his father pushed him to excel in anything he attempted.  This included competing in Math Olympics and being a straight A student in an advanced program.

Sadly, when Anton was 8 years old his father passed away from Lymphoma and everything changed.  Now alone, Anton’s mom struggled to provide for the family and his older sister moved out to college, leaving Anton mostly by himself. This caused him to get into a lot of trouble and his mom knew she had to get him out of the country to give him hope. After some years had passed, his mom married an American.  Together, they moved to the beautiful state of Colorado where Anton struggled to speak more than 20 phrases in the English language.

Struggles Created Success

He quickly fell in love with the country and ended up graduating high school a semester early to enlist in the Marine Corps.  He excelled there receiving 2 meritorious promotions in the 4 years he served and reaching the rank of E5 in 2 years and 3 months in a very competitive field.

After the military, Anton fell in love with development and became a coach. Anton has coached people in health, nutrition, fitness, behavior change and has developed his own life coaching system to help people set their identity.  Today, Anton is married to his wife Cara and they have two girls with their boy on the way.

Due to his young experience with his father, Anton is very passionate about internal health.

Anton’s Mission

His mission: To help 10,000,000 people to realize their potential by impacting their minds.

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