Have more impact in your communications and your life with Jaime Cohen – Episode 5

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Jaime Cohen - CED Ep 5

Jaime Cohen is a social media pioneer who has ventured out as an influencer across many of the largest social media platforms. At 15 years old she was an influencer on one of the very first platforms to ever exist. Her exploration and performance in the social media world has led her to become a highly respected verbal and digital communication expert.

Jaime has a knack for turning complex information into digestible, easy-to-understand tidbits. She helps individuals and organizations use #TheRightWords to say exactly what they mean, avoiding the need for any interpretation.

She will help you create powerful video messaging, negotiate your way to added success and opportunity, resolve conflict in and out of the workplace, and build relationships in a meaningful way.

Jaime’s coaching, workshops, and trainings have helped:

  • Some of the top influencers on LinkedIn to find their voice and create brand consistency.
  • Professionals and businesses to create powerful, entertaining messaging on video.
  • Individuals to secure top-level employment and increase their salaries by $50k.

Jaime is a top LinkedIn creator, speaker, coach, and social media influencer. She has represented many popular brands, promoting their products on Facebook and Instagram. Some of which include Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Daniel Wellington, RocksBox, Ole Henricksen, Passion Planner, Bite Beauty, Arctic Zero, Jord Watches, Aussie Hair, Soap and Glory/Ulta Beauty, Gilt, and Adore Me.

In working with Jaime, you will learn how to become a stellar storyteller and create engaging, authentic videos that convert. You can also learn how to interview more effectively, negotiate your way to a higher salary, and understand how to become an overall better communicator.

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