How to have it A.L.L. with Matthew Bivens – Episode 25

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Matthew Bivens - Episode 25 (Full audio below)

Are you ready to have it ALL? Have you even defined what “ALL” means to you? For Matthew Bivens, having it all means you are living an “Abundant, Loving Life.” There is so much value in this fantastic conversation, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

Can you really Have It A.L.L.?

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Matthew Bivens believes each of us can have it all.  To him, that consists of you defining what happiness means to you and then celebrating your journey toward that happiness.

Key Insights:
  • Matthew is the Host of the Having it A.L.L. Podcast – (Abundant Loving Life)
  • He is also a Balanced Lifestyle Coach
  • Having it all is completely personal. You define what all you want to go for.
  • Matthew understands the importance of having both short term and long term visions of his life
  • He uses a “Personal Mission Statement” to use as a North Star when he feels he’s getting off track
  • That mission statement includes his values, his roles, his vision, his gifts & passions, how he wants to serve
  • Every few years, Matthew reviews and revises that Mission Statement to reflect changes in his life
  • Matthew energizes himself by creating a mental “Beast Mode” to ensure he is fully focused and delivering his best
  • Magical Moments are intentional moments of impact that you have on your own life or those around you
  • In the past, he’s fallen into the trap of comparing himself to others
  • He turns to those closest to him in order to help him move past those moments of self-doubt and comparison
  • He started his podcast to push himself outside his comfort zones
Daily Success Habits
  • Being deliberate and thoughtful with his time.  Separating family time from work.
  • Strong health regimen to keep mental and physical clarity
Matthew’s Bio

Matthew Bivens is a podcaster and balance lifestyle coach, teaching people how to lead a principally centered life that is both purposeful and profitable.

He’s the host of the podcast Having It A.L.L., a top Self Help show in iTunes.

He also co-hosts a podcast with his wife, Sarah, called Doing It At Home — a show about home birth and using the birth experience as a way to heal, empower and inspire.

As a coach, Matthew works with six-figure entrepreneurs who have pursued profit over purpose, teaching them how to supersize their success and have it all.

Matthew’s personal mission statement is:

To play the game of experiencing life each and every day in full Beast Mode, with humility and childlike faith, while being authentic with my voice and choice and being ALL in, as I surrender to a life of principles, love and balance, in order to transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, as I flow in the conviction of Peace.

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