Focus on others to grow your brand with Joe Crenshaw – Episode 17

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Joe Crenshaw - Episode 17 (Full audio below)

Looking to expand your reach online?  Want to grow your brand?  Joe Crenshaw has found that the more you focus on others, the more chance you have to grow and expand your reach.


Hello Climbers!  Welcome to the Climb Every Day podcast which helps you amplify your impact in your career, your communications, and your life.

Joe Crenshaw doesn’t claim to have everything all figured out.  However, his willingness to move forward as he learns has helped him create a career and life that he’s passionate about.  He calls this his ‘Ready.Fire.Aim’ mindset.  This mindset helps him always be looking for opportunities to push beyond his comfort zone. It’ll help you too!

Learning to focus on others

As Joe moved through his sales career, he soon realized that you must focus on others if you truly want to succeed.  Most would agree this is a very effective strategy in sales.  However, after seeing how well focusing on others worked in sales, Joe began to apply the same strategy to many other aspects of his life.  His relationships, his work in the community, and his social media engagement.

The Joe decided to explore taking his focus on others into a new outlet for his creativity.  In 2018, Joe started producing a series called The Stand Outs.  Joe’s aim is to highlight others and identify what those individuals may be doing that makes them stand out.  In doing so, Joe found an outlet for both his passion to serve others, as well as his creative talents.

Joe’s Bio

Joe Crenshaw is a payment processing executive.  In addition, Joe is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rev19.

He climbed through the ranks of the corporate world himself.  Along the way, he saw a distinct need to create, drive, and sustain an abrupt change in the way we do business today.

Today, Joe has #OthersFocused as his brand.  He is on a mission to help businesses re-shape the way they do business around the focus on others, rather than constant focus on self-gain.

Through his content and public speaking, Joe seeks to inspire others by sharing the stories of the most impactful business professionals, and highlighting what makes them successful.

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