Invincible Success Book Launch – Results and Lessons – Episode 42

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Invincible Success: Sell with Confidence, Lead with Purpose, & Speak with Impact launched just last week. Within hours, it became a #1 International Bestseller nine times over! In this episode, we’ll examine lessons learned and things I would change for my next book.

Mark Steel, Sales and Leadership Keynote Speaker - Invincible Success - Book Launch Results and Lessons, Episode 42

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Invincible Success Book Launch – Results and Lessons Learned

Welcome to the Invincible Success podcast which helps you amplify your sales, leadership, speaking, and life!

When you are Invincible in your career, you will double your sales, inspire your team, and engage every audience you speak to. All of this is waiting for you in the new book, available now.

This episode shares the results of my first book release in August od 2020. What were the results of my book launch campaign, what went well, and what will I improve next time.

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Mark Steel is an Inspiring Sales and Leadership Keynote Speaker, sales consultant, and #1 international bestselling author.  In addition, Mark is a TEDx speaker, podcast host, and the founder of Peak Potential, LLC.

With over 20 years of professional speaking experience, Mark is dynamic, engaging, informative, and fun.  Sales, leadership, and team-building audiences rave about Mark’s ‘Invincible Success’ keynotes and programs.  As a coach, Mark works with executives and professionals to ensure that when they speak, their message is resonating with the intended audience while moving them to act. 

Visit Mark’s Speaking Topics page to learn more about how you can “Sell with Confidence, Lead with Purpose, and Speak with Impact.” His internationally bestselling book, “Invincible Success: How to Amplify your Sales, Leadership, Speaking, and Life!” is available today on Amazon and at your favorite bookstores.

Mark is a married father of two living outside Chicago, Il and he is an avid rock climber.  #ClimbOn #InvincibleSuccess