Becoming an Intuitive Leader with Terry Wildemann – Episode 36

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As a leader, do you find yourself overly tired, stretched too thin, or feeling overworked? Are you looking to reduce stress, improve your health, and still meeting your goals? In many cases, learning to develop your intuition can give you the winning edge. This week’s guest ensures you understand the benefits of becoming a more intuitive leader.

Mark Steel, Sales and Leadership Keynote Speaker, Interviews Terry Wildemann - Becoming an Intuitive Leader, Episode 36

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Becoming an Intuitive Leader

Welcome to the Invincible Success podcast which helps you amplify your sales, leadership, speaking, and life!

Terry Wildemann works with leaders and team members to unlock their intuition and build resilience in today’s corporate environment. Our conversation is filled with wonderful tips and insights that you can use to transform your leadership.

If you find yourself an exhausted, on-the-brink-of burnout entrepreneur or leader, and are ready to look in the mirror and shift your life so you can lead well and positively influence others, this episode is for you.

Move the needle towards elevating your health, wealth and relationships with calm, ease, and flow. Imagine creating a harmonious and healthy business or workplace where co-workers, employees, and teams trust and respect for one another leading to workplace harmony.

Key Insights:
  • Terry believes in working with leaders from the inside out
  • Many leaders struggle with keeping up with their day-to-day
  • Terry herself burned out multiple times over her three-decades-long career
  • Entrepreneurial leaders have to deal with
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs of stress overload
  • Signs of too much stress – Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
  • Being foggy-minded, becoming snippy, coworkers coming to you asking if you are okay
  • Asking for help is a sign of strength
  • Show your people it is okay to ask for help
  • When in a high-stress situation, people often start to “live” only from the neck up
  • The goal is to connect the brain in the head with the brain in the heart
  • Every person carries stress in a different way
  • Each area of the body where you feel stress means a different type of challenge you are facing
  • We are born with intuition, yet over time, we start to ignore it
  • We can learn to tap into our intuition, whether it is a sense or feeling, a knowing, or an auditory intuition
  • Steps away from more chaotic moments and allow intuition to become present
  • Tune in and listen to your surroundings, both in your personal life and career
  • When making clear boundaries, we’re often told “Learn to say No,” however you should focus on “Knowing what to say Yes to”
  • Work-Life balance is a myth, instead, try for work-life harmony
Daily Success Habits:
  • Terry practices intentional listening every day
Terry’s Bio:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Her specialty is working with tired, unhealthy workaholic entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster and evolve into unstoppable stress-resilient intuitive leaders. Terry’s timely message taps into how to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications, and leadership with grounded business systems that help her students to successfully and positively serve and influence others.

Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership, and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.

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